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About Blacklist Spam Database Lookup

Blacklist Lookup is a free to use SEO tool that lets you check your website IP and see its status in many blacklists databases. enter your website and submit to scan all the well known blacklist database.

Why do you have to use the Blacklist Lookup?

If you own a website, it would be wise to check your site's status on various databases. If you are not into spamming activities but then your site is listed to be conducting those, your website's reputation might be ruined. Nobody wants that. And so if you would like to remove your site to those listings, you may first want to check and verify which databases your IP is blocked or flagged so that you can make needed adjustments or changes to your site.

What happens is that your website's IP address might be blacklisted and that certain databases might be listing it for addresses that conduct illegal or unwanted online activities; you can do something about it and resolve the issue right away by using a handy tool that lets you first detect your website's IP address' status in certain databases.