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About Online Ping Website Tool

Don't wait for the search engines to recognize when you’ve made a change on your website!

It’s a known fact that a blog improves the value of your website. As long as you keep it fresh with up to date, useful content that is. After publishing a new article or blog, whether weekly or monthly, you should grab control of the situation and use this pinger to notify search engines of your new or updated page.

Instead of entering your top level domain (i.e. you should enter the direct link to your new post or page (i.e. in the pinger and select the best category that describes the nature of that page.

If we want to succeed in the business industry we are in, it is important for us to make use of the internet to heighten our edge over the competitors. The internet is a great tool for us to reach more potential customers and make more income. The first thing we have to do is to make a website for our business. Next thing is to make sure that your page will attract more visitors and will index and rank high on search engines.

For you to do this, you need to use a good search engine optimization (SEO) tools. One of the best tools is online ping website tool. This tool helps you remind search engines and any other service whenever you make some changes on your page.

Why Is Online Ping Website Tool Important?

Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are not familiar with search engine optimization, think that there is no need for a tool that reminds search engines or other services whenever you have some improvements or add-ons in your site or page. It is because in their mind, they know that their page will soon be checked by these services in the future even without any ping or reminder.

Well, that is true! Search engines and other services will definitely assess your page in the future even without this tool. Nevertheless, it might take them a long time to get back to your page for assessment. This means your page’s index and rank won’t be updated immediately.

If you have the online ping website tool, it will send a message to any related service to check your page after posting another content or making some changes. With its help, your page will be indexed and ranked according to its changes in much better and much faster way.