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How Does The Backlink Check Tool Work?

The backlink check tool is running a series of tests to determine how many backlinks are pointing to the website or link you entered. Additional information is also being collected including anchor text used, Page Rank of the backlink source, and any potential flags or warnings for each individual link.

Your results are in! (But, what do they mean?)

First of all, backlinks to your domain or specific web pages are important. The more inbound links you have, the higher your overall Google Page Rank, right? Close, but not quite… Google, and other search engines that matter, reward quality over quantity. At one point, website owners and internet marketers would try to cheat the system by buying a large quantity of backlinks for a really cheap price. Some still do, even though it’s been proven that websites are penalized by Google for doing that. Google prefers natural links. Low quality links may hurt you more than help. In a nutshell, it is better to have 5 quality backlinks than to have 50 low quality backlinks.

This free backlink checker tool is designed to show you everything you need to know about the quality of your links. Underneath your results (in the bottom left corner) you’ll see exactly how many backlinks exist in total. Only 10 results are shown per page, and you can navigate through each page in the bottom right corner. Each result will show you the link source, or the exact page that contains the link to your web site/page. Clicking each link will open that page in a new tab or window. To the right, you’ll find the Google Page Rank of the web page containing your source backlink. The next column to the right will tell you what anchor text is used to describe your web site or page, if applicable. Finally, the last column notifies you of any red flags; particularly if a link is tagged “no follow”.

How often should you perform a link audit?

If you are just getting started on building links, you may be tempted to use this backlink check tool quite frequently, and that’s okay to do. However, a link audit may be much more complicated and in depth than just running this tool. A complete link audit should be done approximately once a year, and you can use the information to determine which link building areas (blog comments, guest blogs, social bookmarking, etc.) are most effective, especially when it comes to bringing more traffic to your website.