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About Free AVG Antivirus Checker

Tool to scan your website for any kinds of threats, including virus, malware and spyware. scan and detect any malicious or inappropriate codes in a URL that might put you at risk for visiting such website. moreover if you are the website owner, it helps in detecting the sites infection and helps fix the problem for the safety of your visitors and for the improvement of your rankings.

The AVG Antivirus Checker is an all-in-one tool that can help you check for other websites, too. It can tell you if a website is safe to use or not because this tool can help verify and check for a specific website's reputation as well as what others say about it. By figuring out the safety and security of a specific website, you can avoid any issue that might result from using an infected website that might put your security and privacy at risk.

Because cyber threats are all around the corner, it would be wise to checking a website's reputation and safety scores before using it for browsing, downloading or buying anything. So whether you are a website owner or simply an internet user, verify a website's safety and security scores for your overall safety, too.