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The Page Size Checker tool is available to use to check the speed of your web page, an average web page is approximately 12 KB, and that will load very quickly. The more media on a page, the bigger the page size and the slower it will load. Embedded videos, images, audio, graphics, flash, and other forms of media will increase your page size.

If you are looking for an online tool to check the size of your website page, then this SEO tool called Page Size Checker is for you! This allows you to find out the size of a website page, measured in kilobytes. according to sources, the size of a page determines how long or how short this specific page URL loads in search engines.

Avoid slow-loading website pages starting today! As you know, users don't have much time waiting for a site's page to load. Everyone is busy! Give them what they need in an instant by creating not only high quality, informative contents, but also fast-loading, time-saving website pages that will make them come back for more of you.