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About Domain Age Checker

One of the biggest factors used to determine the rank of a website is the age of a domain. It makes sense that older websites will have more "experience" to boost their credibility, in the same way that domains which are registered for more than a year lend more confidence to the stability of their website. In the eyes of a search engine, domain age matters!

This free domain age tool will quickly tell you when a domain was created, and when it was last updated. Simply enter the URL you wish to analyze and hit enter. Whether you are curious about your own website, considering buying a new domain, analyzing a competitor or researching relevant websites for advertising purposes… checking the age of a domain could not be any easier!

There are many reasons why you want to know the age of a domain. First, it might be because you own that site and you want to use your domain’s age for your benefit. Second, it might be because it is your rival’s site and you want to know your competitor’s edge over you. Third, it might be because you are interested to acquire that domain.

Getting to know the age of the domain you want to buy will help you in your decision-making. The older the domain is the better. Therefore, once you have found out about the age of several domains, you can now choose wisely on which of them you should buy.

To know the age of the domain, use a domain age checker. It is a search engine optimization tool that gives you accurate results regarding a domain’s age. The best thing about this tool is that it is very easy to use. You just have to make a few clicks and you will already get the information you need. This is why many people, both beginners and experts, prefer to use this tool.